Latter Day Saints

My Stake President carries with him a stack of yellow index cards.  He is diligent about asking people if they like to read.  When the answer is Yes, he gives them a yellow card and asks for their name and address so he can send them a book containing an account of Christ's ministry to the people of the Americas.  He then gives a Book of Mormon that includes his picture, the original yellow card, and his testimony to the elders so that they can deliver the book.

Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles suggested the use of as a means to share the gospel (  "If you have visited lately, which is the Church website for those interested in learning about the Church, you have seen members who have uploaded information about themselves. They are creating online profiles that explain who they are and why their religious beliefs are important to them. They are speaking up about their faith."

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