This story is unlike the others told at Stripling, in that it does not tell a story from The Book of Mormon.  However, the main focus of The Book of Mormon is to preach and testify of Jesus Christ.  The message being that He lives, and will return as promised.

Jesus taught His Apostles of the New Testament for 40 days after His Resurrection.  After which they watched as Jesus was taken up into heaven and out of sight.  Two angels dressed in white suddenly stood by them and asked “Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:11)

Sometime in the future, not too far removed in time, the curtain of heaven is to be drawn as the face of the Lord is unveiled.  At a prescribed time, which Jesus on one occasion said was known only to his Father, the curtain is suddenly unfolded and raised.  In a manner unidentified and unexplained, the covering obstructing a view of heaven is finally removed, and the Lord’s presence is revealed!

This is the exact time in history when the Second Coming of Jesus Christ occurs, the calendar date also for the approach of the biblical Millennium.  It is not the time of the giant holocaust and burning, that will later take place on the earth’s surface, but the resplendent time of resurrection preceding it.

Surely this will be a time of celebration for those who have led righteous lives, yet at the same time one of mourning and remorse for those who have done otherwise.  It is that time in world history when the clock stops, as it were, and the Lord makes his first official appearance among the people, a time when all the righteous, both the living and the dead, are called up to meet him in the clouds of glory.

It is an event that will be initiated by the sound of a trumpet sounding long and hard, announcing that something of great importance is about to occur.  It is allegedly the first sound people will hear, causing all throughout the nations to stop suddenly and look toward the sky.  Certainly it will be a sound like no other, and although it will be audible to everyone and cause them to tremble, it is uncertain how many will actually witness what now takes place.  But the promise has been given, and it is one recorded in scripture, that the Lord will descend from above, coming “in the clouds of heaven, clothed with power and great glory.”  Accompanying him will be many others, including a large host of heavenly angels.

Righteous people living on earth, who qualify for entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, will be quickened and caught up to meet them.  At the same time, the graves in countless places around the world will suddenly be opened, and an incredible number of people, most of whom have been dead for centuries and also qualify for heaven, will be resurrected and caught up to join the heavenly throng!

In not time or place is there anything that can compare with what happens on this occasion.  No written or spoken description will ever be adequate in attempting to tell what now takes place.  To visualize a human drama occurring all across the globe as millions or billions of people are caught up to meet Jesus Christ is beyond any comprehension.  Everything will happens will be entirely without any kind of precedent or parallel.  But it will all happen, and in the process a sociality down through the ages will be resumed among the people of the earth.  For the first time in an earthly setting, after an absence of many decades or centuries, people will now resume where they left off and look forward to a new kind of future!
Written by Clay McConkie.

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